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    Windows are often neglected and only given an afterthought at the end of the decorating process. But well-dressed windows can bring a room alive. Make use of the latest fabrics, patterns and colours, to give your windows a style make-over. In-store you'll find the latest in curtain chic, as well as timeless classics to help you get creative and dress your windows so that they can strut their stuff.

    Be Fresh

    Curtains can create warmth and softness; they can blend into the décor of the room, or make a statement on their own. Using plain fabrics in the same shade as the walls can make your room look bigger, because it makes the curtains seem to recede into the walls. Fabrics in red, orange and yellow create a warm and cosy glow in the room.

    Be Flamboyant

    We've got designs and fabrics from New Zealand's leading manufacturers & Overseas, so you can go wild and make a feature of your windows. Using patterned and textured fabrics can make a bold statement or accent the colour scheme you've chosen. Select a fabric that contains the main colour in your room and then add contrast with colours that stand out from the rest of the room.

    Be Choosy

    When deciding on the fabric for your curtains you'll find that the weave pattern, fibre content and weight of the fabric will all play an important part in the finished appearance, durability and ability to control light. Plain fabrics come in a range of different materials, from soft textures like velvet and sateen and suede, to cotton, Linen and synthetic/natural fibre blend. Designs are generally printed & Embroidered onto 100% cotton or a polyester/cotton blend, Linen, Velvet, Silk.

    Be Insulated

    Linings add a quality finish to your curtains. As well as enhancing the look, good quality linings can also protect the fabric and extend the life of the curtains. A well lined curtain also insulates the room and reduces your heating bills and external noise.

    Be Pleated

    There's practically a pleat for every occasion. Different gathers give your curtains different characters and lines, building the atmosphere and style you want to create in the room. The weight of the material you choose may have an effect on the pleat, but the most common pleats can work with most material. If you're not sure which will work best, just ask our helpful team in-store?

    ˇ  Pencil Pleat - For a contemporary look

    ˇ  Dutch Pleat - Twin pleats for clean lines

    ˇ  Box Pleat - The modern classic

    ˇ  Single Pleat - For simplicity

    ˇ  Eyelet Pleat - For the latest look

    ˇ  French Pleat - Triple pleats for fashionable living rooms

    ˇ  Goblet Top - Eye catching chic

    Be Accessorised

    Having taken the time to carefully plan and design curtains that complement the room, don't forget to spend just a little time choosing a track, or rod. The right track can enhance the look of the curtain and match the theme of your room. Tracks with decorative pieces at the end (finials) come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from swirls and fleur, to intricate spheres. Simpler designs and styles are also available in iron, wood and plastic.


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